Don't Miss Metropolis! with Live Music


Saturday is your last chance to catch Metropolis with a live band… this will probably never happen again!

“Metropolis” at the Mayfair, accompanied by live, improvised music
Saturday, February 21 – 9 p.m. (120 min)
$5 for Mayfair members; $9 non-members (membership $10)

Mike Dubue – keyboards
Paul Hogan – guitar
Mike Essoudry – drums
Linsey Wellman – bass clarinet and flutes

For all those who missed out on the grand re-opening of the Mayfair Theatre earlier this year, they will be re-presenting the 1927 classic Fritz Lang film Metropolis with live accompaniment by a group that
includes local jazz musicians Linsey Wellman and Mike Essoudry. The group’s re-imagining of the soundtrack will include excerpts from the original score as re-imagined for a quartet of drums, guitar, keyboards
and flute/bass clarinet, as well as sections of improvised and other material.

Get there early in order to get a (good) seat!

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