First Schedule & Facebook Group

We expect to have our first schedule posted here by the last week of December (hopefully earlier). We will be posting updates throughout the month of December leading up to our grand re-opening on January 2nd.

The website will also undergo some changes during that time, making it more interactive. In the meantime, if you’d like a more interactive venue to express your views, hopes, and dreams for the new Mayfair, please check out the theatre’s official Facebook group.


will you be showing Bohemian Rhapsody in February? Thanks!

Reply · September 19, 2019


We usually finalize bookings every Monday for the following Friday through Thursday. Besides for premiere dates listed on the main page of the website, and listings already on the calendar, the answer for other upcoming movies is always a “we don’t know”. So, stay tuned!

Reply · September 19, 2019

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