Flooding with First Blood

“Flooding With Love for the Kid” is a micro budgeted ($96 to be exact) shot on digital adaptation of David Morrell’s 1972 novel First Blood, which of course was later made into the first Rambo film of the same name in 1982. But New York based filmmaker Zachary Oberzan has done something completely different and even radical. He has directed, shot, edited and acted in the film entirely on his own, playing all the characters himself. ¬†And he even did it all in his small studio apartment, with basic props, costumes and crude digital effects!

David Morrell himself has praised the unconventional adaptation. It is much more faithful to the novel than First Blood the original film.

The film makes it’s Ottawa premiere this month: July 30 and 31! If you think you’ve really seen First Blood, you’ve never seen blood drawn like this!

Take a look at the trailer to see the crazy ingenuity for yourself!

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