Friday April 12th – Thursday April 18th!

Gloria Bell – From the writer/director of Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winner A Fantastic Woman, starring Oscar winner Julianne Moore!

Woman at War – Montreal Festival of New Cinema: Best Actress award winner, and Best Film nominee!
Hamburg Film Festival: Best Feature award winner!

The Beach Bum – Starring Oscar winner Mathew McConaughey, from 2x Venice Film Festival award winning writer/director Harmony Korine!

Nude on the Moon – A Classic Ottawa Premiere of AGFA’s restoration of the 1961 nudie-cutie, fresh off of its premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City!

Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Presented by Embarrassing Humans, featuring Collective Arts Brewing beer, and a The SmoQue Shack menu item!

The Room – 116th Consecutive Month screening Tommy Wiseau’s cinematic masterpiece!

Hastrman, and Winter Flies – A pair of films presented by the Embassy of the Czech Republic!

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