Friday April 21 – Thursday April 27!

-Women Talking- Held Over for a 4th Week! Academy Awards: Best Adapted Screenplay award winner, Best Motion Picture nominee!
5 Stars! “a stellar ensemble…superbly inventive adaptation…at once timely and timeless” (The Guardian)

-Showing Up- Cannes Film Festival: Palme d’Or nominee!
10/10! “A sneaky, funny little masterpiece…slyly wicked” (New City)
4/4 Stars! “Kelly Reichardt is one of the most original and inspired American filmmakers of the present day” (San Francisco Chronicle)

-Bystanders- Ottawa Premiere! One Night Only!
Atlantic Film Festival: Best Atlantic Screenwriter award winner!
“an unflinching new directorial voice” (The Coast)
“a script I’d call courageous…excellent performances” (Flaw In The Iris)

-Mad God- Fantasia Film Festival: Most Groundbreaking Film, Best Animated Feature award winner!
5 Stars! “absolutely astonishing…it’s difficult to think of a better example of stop-motion animation…an incredible work of art.” (Warped Perspective)

-Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood And Honey- “Seeing the iconic bear reimagined as a nightmarish slasher monster speaks to a delightfully imaginative spirit that really inspires us.” (Nerdist)
“you’ve got the makings of a dark and twisted cult classic.” (Salon)

-The Rocky Horror Picture Show- Hosted by The Absent Friends Shadow Cast!
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA: Hall of Fame award winner!
“it’s a triumph of clever filmmaking” (Mountain XPress)

-Sing-Along-A-Sound Of Music- Academy Awards: Best Picture, Director, Film Editing, Music, Sound award winner!
4/4 Stars! “a magical film…Appealing to the whole family…Wise’s direction is excellent” (New York Daily News)

-Dosed: The Trip Of A Lifetime- A terminally ill cancer patient and loving mother of four, is granted the right to legally use magic mushrooms to treat her end of life anxiety. She then embarks on a remarkable journey of personal transformation and healing while exploring lesser known possible cures for cancer, like cannabis oil.

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