Friday August 12 – Thursday August 18!

-Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song- Encore Screenings!
“my favorite doc of the year” (The Weekend Warrior)
“a great documentary” (Fantastica)
“A rousing portrait of the power of expression” (

-Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris- 4/4 Stars! “the film is so delicious…my advice is suspend all disbelief, throw logic to the wind, and just enjoy it for the entertainment value it provides.” (Observer)
5 Stars! “a delightful movie, with a heartwarming story” (World)

-Basket Case- 40th Anniversary!
5 Stars! “a vital, beautiful, and bracingly irreverent presentation of Frank Henenlotter’s cult-film classic.” (Slant)
5 Stars! “this monster mash is vile fun.” (eFilmCritic)

-Saturday Night Sinema- Dig it! We’re back with a dose of dangerous, disreputable, not-in-distribution, secret midnight cinema on August 13. Free Late Late Movie for Members Only!

-Peaks And Valleys- Ottawa Premiere!
A documentary brought to life by original art, animation, and photography, following the directors as they navigate the highs and lows of Type 1 Diabetes and the Vancouver Island Mountain Range.

Hitchcock Vs De Palma Film Fest!

-Vertigo- 5 Stars! “regarded by many Hitchcock admirers as his most accomplished film. It is certainly his most forlorn, and easily his most mesmerizing.” (San Francisco Chronicle)
5 Stars! “Hitchcock’s masterpiece” (Guardian)

-Obsession- “De Palma displays his mastery of the thriller with Obsession and it comes highly recommended…It is, frankly, awesome.” (Cinapse)
“Obsession is one of the greatest ‘70s movies” (New York Post)

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