Friday August 13th – Thursday August 19th!

Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain – From producer/director Morgan Neville, Oscar winner for 20 Feet From Stardom, & Gotham Awards winner for Won’t You Be My Neighbor! 5 Star! “gripping, emotional and therapeutic” (SF Chronicle)

Nine Days – Ottawa Premiere! Sundance: Screenwriting award winner, Grand Jury Prize nominee! 5 Stars! “A powerful piece of storytelling that announces writer/director Edson Oda as a major talent to keep tabs on…filmmaking in its purest form” (The AU Review)

Curiosa – Ottawa Premiere! “a world of passionate love & eroticism – a secret romance of clandestine meetings…She unfolds a beautiful story of early womens’ liberation & infuses it with elegance and tasteful sensuality.” (Cinemania)

For A Few Dollars More – The Man With No Name Trilogy part 2! “For A Few DOllars More is the best western ever made” (Nerdist) 5 Stars! “must see cinema.” (IonCinema) 10/10! “Spaghetti Western masterpiece” (Gone With The Twins)

Friday The 13th Part III – Continuing our epic 6 year Friday The 13th Film Fest! “F13 Part 3 delivers a real sense of fun, creative kills, a menacing Jason, & that iconic hockey mask…it’s my favorite of the series as its one of the most fun entries.” (Morbidly Beautiful)

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