Friday August 19 – Thursday August 25!

-Marcel The Shell With Shoes On- 98% All Critics / 100% Top Critics Certified Fresh! “Poignant, profound, and utterly heartwarming, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is animated entertainment with real heart.” (Rotten Tomatoes)

-I Love My Dad- Ottawa Premiere!
SXSW Film Festival: Grand Jury Award, Audience Award winner!
9.5/10 Stars! “strap in for an emotional rollercoaster…the comedic drama is excellent” (Film Threat)

-Fitzcarraldo- Ottawa Premiere!
Cannes Film Festival: Best Director award winner, Palme d’Or nominee!
4/4 Stars! “so cinematically beautiful. Herzog’s triumph” (Deep Focus Review)

-Dosed 2: The Rip Of A Lifetime- Ottawa Premiere!
A terminally ill cancer patient is granted the right to legally use magic mushrooms to treat her end of life anxiety. She embarks on a remarkable journey of personal transformation and healing while exploring lesser known possible cures for cancer, like cannabis oil.

Hitchcock Vs De Palms Film Fest!

-North By Northwest- Edgar Allan Poe Awards: Best Motion Picture award winner!
5 Stars! “Hitchcock’s classic is as thrilling as it is witty, and contains at least two of cinema’s great action set-pieces” (The Times UK)

-Dressed To Kill- 4/4 Stars! “remains a prime example of how De Palma is able to marry his awesome technical prowess to the material, using his dazzling feats of cinematic derring-do to propel his stories” (Creative Loafing)

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