Friday August 21st – Thursday August 27th!

Friday August 21st – Thursday August 27th!

-The Empire Strikes Back- 40th Anniversary! Returning for a final encore week! An extremely rare release from the Lucasfilm / Disney Vaults, first time on the big screen since 1997! Hugo Awards: Best Dramatic Presentation award winner!

-Nomad: In The Footsteps Of Bruce Chatwin – From Directors Guild of America, London Film Fest, Sundance, 3x Venice Film Fest, & 4x Cannes award winning director Werner Herzog! Gijón Int Film Fest: Best Film nominee!

-2001: A Space Odyssey- Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 sci-fi masterpiece! Academy Awards: Best Visual Effects award winner, plus Best Director, Writing, and Art Direction nominee! Hugo Awards: Best Dramatic Presentation award winner!

-Fist Of Fury- Bruce Lee Film Fest! Bruce Lee has done the impossible…He’s surpassed himself!!! Golden Horse Awards: Special Jury Award for Bruce Lee, & Best Editing winner, and Best Feature Film nominee!

PS, re: Fliers!
It looks like the small weekly flier that we get printed up for the cinema may be going the same way as the monthly programs once did.
I remember doing the deliveries back in the day, and eventually noticing that the stack from the previous month that were left in various locations would be completely untouched.
Since our return, I don’t think we’ve had more then a dozen or so fliers get taken away every week.
I even noticed giant stacks of paper leftovers in the before times, when we had many more patrons visiting (since our cap is 50 visitors per screening at the moment).

More and more people just make use of our website, email newsletter, or social media to get our showtimes.

So, we’ll still print up a few in-house, for those handful of patrons who are visiting to watch a movie, and want to bring one home. And, you can print one up for yourself as well. Below you’ll find the latest upcoming schedule. Along with the front and back as separate images, in case you feel like getting fancy and printing up a double sided copy for yourself.  🙂

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