Friday August 26 – Thursday September 1!

Summertime – 4K Restoration of the 1955 classic!
“I fell in love with this movie from the start…Katharine Hepburn is so damned charming in this…Everything is lovely about the film; the opening titles, Hepburn, the photography, the city, the direction, all of it. Every last frame.” (Talk Film Society)

Carmen – Canadian Film Fest: Best Feature award winner!
“An inspiring story” (Cinequest Film Festival)
“a charming story” (Canadian Film Fest)
“Natascha McElhone gives a career-best performance” (Whistler Film Festival)

Funny Pages – Ottawa Premiere!
Cannes Film Festival: Golden Camera nominee!
5 Stars! “a deliciously dark coming-of-age comedy…This is a genuinely bizarre, startling, freewheelingly lo-fi and funny indie picture” (The Guardian)

Cat Video Fest 2022 – A portion of the admission price on each ticket will be donated to Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue!
“indulge in one of the most communal and joyous activities known to man: watching cats being heartwarming, hilarious, and just plain weird.” (Tourism Victoria)

Saturday Night Sinema – We’re back with another dose of dangerous, disreputable, not-in-distribution, secret cinema. What are we screening? We can’t tell you, but we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Free Late Late Movie Screening for Members Only!

Hitchcock Vs De Palma Fest!

To Catch A Thief – Academy Awards: Best Cinematography winner!
5 Stars! “Hitchcock at his most witty, elegant and insouciant” (Guardian)
5 Stars! “Hitchcock at his slick, glossy entertainment best.” (Mountain Xpress)

Blow Out – 4/4 Stars! “inhabited by a real cinematic intelligence. The audience isn’t condescended to…we’re challenged and stimulated: We share the excitement of figuring out how things develop and unfold, when so often the movies only need us as passive witnesses.” (Roger Ebert)

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