Friday August 4th – Thursday August 10th!

Dawson City: Frozen Time – Pieces together the collection of some 500 films from 1910s – 1920s, lost for over 50 years until being discovered buried in a swimming pool in the Yukon Territory. A gold rush story told through permafrost protected silent films, newsreels, interviews and historical photographs.

The Big Sick – Kumail, in the middle of becoming a stand-up comedian, meets Emily. An illness sets in forcing her to be put into a coma. He must navigate being a comedian, her illness, and his family’s desire to let them fix him up with a spouse, while figuring out who he really is and what he truly believes.

A Ghost Story – A passionate young couple, unexpectedly separated by a shocking loss, discover an eternal connection and a love that is infinite.

Hard Boiled – 25th Anniversary / 35mm Presentation! Mobsters are smuggling guns into Hong Kong. The police orchestrate a raid where a detective loses his partner. He gets closer to the ring leaders and works with an inside man. The criminals battle over territory, and a young new gun is enlisted.

Ghoul – Ottawa Premiere! A detective goes undercover as a patient to investigate a psychotherapist he believes is linked to a strange double murder. As his therapy sessions continue the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur.

Death Line (aka – Raw Meat) – When two people disappear inside a London subway station, a Scotland Yard Inspector investigates and makes a horrifying discovery. Not only did a group of tunnel workers survive a cave-in, but they lived for years by consuming their dead. Now the lone descendant of this tribe has surfaced, prowling the streets for fresh victims.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie – Two imaginative pranksters spend hours in a treehouse creating comic books. When their mean principal threatens to separate them into different classes, the boys accidentally hypnotize him into thinking that he’s an enthusiastic, dimwitted superhero.

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