Friday December 10 – Thursday December 16!

Friday December 10 – Thursday December 16!

– C’mon C’mon – Mill Valley Film Festival: Audience Award winner! 4/4 Stars! “effortlessly charming…the kind of movie that invites reflection.” ( 5 Stars! “Mike Mills’ latest family masterpiece” (San Francisco Chronicle)

– Benedetta – Ottawa Premiere! Cannes: Palme d’Or, and Queer Palm nominee! 5 Stars! “a thoughtful examination of politics and organized religion, and a searing exploration of faith…a substantial, sophisticated, yet briskly paced and always highly entertaining drama” (BBC)

– Gremlins – 5 Stars! “Dante’s critters-run-amok-in-snowbound-Spielberg-suburbia satire takes the Christmas milieu of It’s A Wonderful Life and splatters it with cartoony carnage, anarchic comedy and a stripe of gleeful subversion a mile wide.” (Empire)

– Mulholland Drive – 20th Anniversary! 5 Stars! “Lynch’s dazzling thriller reaches new heights of mesmeric fascination thanks to scintillating visuals and an offbeat emotional intensity…With a sensational performance by Watts, it’s a triple-strength masterpiece” (Radio Times)

Plus, special Ottawa Premiere/One Night Only events:
– Long Live Chainsaw
– iF3 Sessions

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