Friday December 30 – Thursday January 5!

-EO- Cannes Film Fest: Jury Prize, Best Composer award winner, Palme d’Or nominee!
10/10! “cinema povera of great empathy and unexpected grace…one of 2022’s very best” (New City)

-She Said- 5 Stars! “a cinematic earthquake. Audiences will be moved by She Said’s powerful storytelling, focused tenacity, and the courage of the women who went on the record to help topple a monster…an essential and fulfilling watch” (Common Sense Media)

-Armageddon Time- Cannes Film Fest: Palme d’Or nominee!
5 Stars! “masterful, unflinching drama…an outstanding debut performance” (Little White Lies)
5 Stars! “thoughtful and moving coming-of-age drama” (Radio Times)

-Smile- 5 Stars! “A genuinely frightening film…Sosie Bacon is utterly captivating in the lead role” (Starburst)
4/4 Stars! “Smile is uniquely haunting and downright disturbing—and I can’t wait to watch it again” (Williamette Week)

-3 Godfathers- “There are humor and honest tear-jerking in this visually beautiful film.” (New York Times)
“packs an emotional punch…beautifully shot western…[an] old fashioned classic.” (Three Movie Buffs)

-UHF- 4/4 Stars! “UHF remains an incredibly funny and immensely likable movie…UHF is about as good as it gets when it comes to silly comedies.” (Reel Film Reviews)
“UHF is funny as hell” (Reel Reviews)

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