Friday December 31 – Thursday January 6!

Friday December 31 – Thursday January 6!

-The Novice- Ottawa Premiere! Tribeca Film Fest: Best Feature Film, Actress (Isabelle Fuhrman), Cinematography award winner! “an expertly assembled thriller that does wildly inventive things with visuals, sound, and music…This is a special film” (Tilt)

-Spaceballs- “laugh-out-loud funny” (Deep Focus Review) “a hilarious parody” (Influenster) “Classic Mel Brooks spoof…hilarious.” (Cinema Montreal) “I must admit I am one of those people who love this movie, and I have seen it dozens of times.” (Cinema Blend)

-Délicieux- “Between keeping secrets, creating serious mishaps, and cooking up marvelous foods and vengeance plots, the film leaves never a dull moment.” (BMA Magazine) “an exciting crossing of revolutionary and culinary elements” (Montreal Times)

-Deliverance- 50th Anniversary! Academy Awards: Best Picture, Director, Film Editing nominee! 5 Stars! “this is more than just a horror film. There’s real substance in themes, performances and John Boorman’s superb direction.” (Empire)

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