Friday December 3rd – Thursday December 9th!

-Spencer- Palm Springs Int Film Fest: Actress Spotlight Award winner! 5 Stars! “Kristen Stewart is superb…an extraordinary film, daring in its conception, strange & captivating in its execution” (The Arts Desk) 4/4 Stars! “one of the year’s best.” (Combustible Celluloid)

-Last Night In Soho- 5 Stars! “its spell is weaved by the harmony between the film’s toe-tapping soundtrack, gorgeous & vibrant cinematography, & the chilling twist-filled narrative…it’s unforgettably excellent.” (Discussing Film) 5 Stars! “ingeneously, exitedly done” (Daily Mail UK)

-Unforgiven- 5 Stars! “this is, quite simply, one of the finest films ever made…You won’t forgive yourself if you miss it.” (Radio Times) 5 Stars! “The expression “instant classic” is overused but Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-winning western from 1992, Unforgiven, merits it.” (The Telegraph)

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