Friday December 4th – Thursday December 10th!

Remember…it’s easy to print up your own copy of our weekly flyer tp stick on your fridge!

-Mank- Citizen Kane biopic from 2x Oscar nominated director David Fincher, starring Oscar and Golden Globe winner Gary Oldman! 5 Stars! “nothing short of a masterpiece” (The Telegraph)

-Black Bear- Ottawa Premiere! “hilarious, with very sharply written but still organic dialogue…the performances are incredible…It’s edgy, odd, and provides an incredible outlet for the talent involved” (Film Inquiry)

-Tenet- From 5x Oscar nominee, and Sundance award winning writer/director Christopher Nolan! 5 Stars! “supremely ambitious…there are such amazing moments in it… amazing cinema. Wow.” (The Guardian)

-Robocop- Ottawa Premiere! Director’s Cut 4k Restoration of the 1987 sci-fi classic! 5 Stars! “Hi-tech meets High Noon in this deft science-fiction masterpiece…comic-book opus emerges as a subversive and thought-provoking edge-of-the-seat treat” (Radio Times)

-Crock Of Gold- Ottawa Premiere! Presented by Vertigo Records! Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards: Best Music Documentary nominee! “an A-list documentary” (Variety)

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