Friday February 11 – Thursday February 17!

-House Of Gucci- 5 Stars! “made up entirely of good scenes…a great movie…a huge accomplishment for director Ridley Scott” (San Francisco Chronicle) 5 Stars! “Scott has delivered one of the greatest pieces of camp filmmaking in decades.” (Bullz-Eye)

-Dune- AFI Awards: Movie Of The Year award winner! London Critics Circle Film Awards: Technical Achievement Of The Year award winner! 5 Stars! “a big-scale blockbuster that satisfies as a massive spectacle, edgy political thriller and emotional drama.” (Shadows On The Wall)

-From Russia With Love- 5 Stars! “a terrific thriller in its own right, owing much to Alfred Hitchcock and Carol Reed’s The Third Man in its marvellous atmosphere of foreign intrigue. Superbly shot” (Radio Times) 5 Stars! “The best Bond ever. Period!” (Your Movies)

-Casablanca- 80th Anniversary! Academy Awards: Best Picture, Director, and Screenplay award winner! National Film Preservation Board: Inducted into the National Film Registry in 1989! 99% All Critics / 100% All Critics Certified Fresh! (Rotten Tomatoes)

-My Bloody Valentine- 4.5/5 Stars! “One of the best slasher films of the ‘80s” (Dread Central) “it’s easily one of the best, most unnerving slashers ever…a genuinely creepy genre entry that successfully evokes the atmosphere of timeless folklore.” (Cinema Crazed)

-Shaft- 5 Stars! “the greatest Blaxploitation film of all. This film started a cultural phenomenon” (Arizona Daily Star) “A classic. The best film to come out of the blaxploitation era” ( “Shaft is nothing short of a classic.” (

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