Friday February 17 – Thursday February 23!

-Kids Vs Aliens- From the director of Hobo With A Shotgun!
“a deliriously fun work of gonzo nostalgia, a foulmouthed take on the fantasy and horror classics of the 1980s and ’90s that’s as heartfelt as it is delightfully gory.” (Philadelphia Film Society)

-Mean Streets- 50th Anniversary! 5 Stars! “a classic…a work that shows a master really coming into his own” (Common Sense Media)
5 Stars! “Terrific. Top shelf talent at the top of their game, working immediately before they would change Hollywood.” (Empire)

-The Room- Its staggering 155th time on our screen!
“there’s no denying the pleasure one receives from the viewing experience…a film as authentic and dreadful as The Room must be celebrated.” (Deep Focus Review) “a cult classic.” (Film Threat)

Academy Award nominees Held Over for a 2nd Week!

-Living- Academy Awards nominee: Best Lead Actor (Bill Nighy), Adapted Screenplay! 5 Stars! “gently-paced classical filmmaking recalls the modernism of David Lean…For Bill Nighy, meanwhile, it feels in every sense like the role of a lifetime.” (Empire)

-The Whale- Best Lead Actor (Brendan Fraser), Supporting Actress (Hong Chau), Makeup and Hairstyling nominee!
4/4 Stars! “The whole cast is perfect” (Associated Press)
10/10! “astonishing piece of cinematic craftsmanship” (Film Threat)

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