Friday February 18 – Thursday February 24!

-Flee- Academy Awards: Best Documentary Feature, Animated Feature, and International Feature nominee! 5 Stars! “fantastically moving story…irresistibly moving and engrossing…What an extraordinary story.” (The Guardian)

-Drive My Car- Academy Awards: Best Picture, International Feature, Directing, Adapted Screenplay nominee! 5 Stars! “a flawless melodrama” (The Arts Desk) 5 Stars! “It is an engrossing and exalting experience.” (The Guardian)

-Goldfinger- Academy Awards: Best Sound Effects Editing award winner! Edgar Allan Poe Awards: Best Foreign Film nominee! 4/4 Stars! “Of all the Bonds, Goldfinger is the best…great entertainment, and contains all the elements of the Bond formula that would work again and again” (Roger Ebert)

-Super Fly- 50th Anniversary! 4/4 Stars! “Super Fly is a movie of surprising political bite and emotional nuance” (Larsen On Film) “one of the most significant blaxploitation films ever…fascinatingly entertaining” (Hollywood Reporter)

-New York Ninja- “a monstrous masterpiece of action camp that must be seen to be believed…a crowd-pleaser from the word “Go!”…the kind of gem that demands viewing with a crowd. This is the reason we go to the cinema in the first place, to be a part of something special” (Screen Anarchy)

-Back To The Future- Tracy Arnett presents a FREE Family Day matinee, with a FREE drink and popcorn for all who attend! 5 Stars! “popcorn classic combines watertight scripting with broad but brilliant performances, all held together by Fox’s stumbling charm.” (Total Film)

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