Friday February 19th – Thursday February 25th!

-Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?- Special screenings in honour of Black History Month! Best Actress, & Screenplay Oscar winner! 4/4 Stars! “a megnificent piece of entertainment” (Roger Ebert)

-Some Kind Of Heaven- Ottawa Premiere! Philadelphia Film Festival: Best Documentary Feature – Jury Prize award winner! Sundance Film Festival: NEXT Innovator Award nominee!

-Casablanca- Belated Valentine’s screenings! Academy Awards: Best Picture, Director, and Screenplay award winner! National Board of Review: Best Director award winner!

-Boogie Nights- 4/4 Stars! “an epic of the low road, a classic Hollywood story set in the shadows” (Roger Ebert) 5 Stars! “Not a bad thing I can say about this film. Perfection” (eFilmCritic)

-The War Of The Worlds- Academy Awards: Best FX award winner! Hugo Awards: Best Dramatic Presentation award winner! Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films: Hall of Fame award winner!

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