Friday February 24 – Thursday March 2!

-The Whale- The 3x Oscar nominee is Held Over for a 3rd Week!
4/4 Stars! “The whole cast is perfect…a film that stays with you” (Associated Press)
10/10! “an astonishing piece of cinematic craftsmanship” (Film Threat)

-The Fabelmans- 7x Oscar nominee, and AFI Awards: Movie of the Year award winner!
4/4 Stars! “funny, moving, superbly acted, and extraordinarily well-executed.” (Deep Focus Review)

-Infinity Pool- Canadian Premiere of the R-rated cut that only screened at the Sundance Film Fest!
4/4 Stars! “weird and wonderful…a breakthrough film…it is indeed a singular, and unforgettable, ride.” (Los Angeles Times)

-Mean Streets- Cannes Film Festival: Palme d’Or award winner!
5 Stars! “remains almost impossibly perfect: it’s hard to think of another film that creates and sustains such a unique, evocative tone” (Time Out)

-Saturday Night Sinema- We’re back with a dose of dangerous, disreputable, not-in-distribution, secret cinema. A free for members/members only midnight movie presentation!

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