Friday February 25 – Thursday March 3!

Four Academy Award Best Picture nominees:

-Belfast- 5 Stars! “a scintillating Troubles-era coming-of-age tale…There is a terrific warmth and tenderness to Kenneth Branagh’s elegiac, autobiographical movie…a seductive piece of myth-making from Branagh.” (The Guardian)

-West Side Story- 4/4 Stars! “Soaring. Exhilarating. Magical. Heartbreaking. Unforgettable…In a career filled with brilliant achievements, Steven Spielberg has injected new life, new blood, new energy, new artistry, into a classic.” (Chicago Sun-Times)

-Nightmare Alley- 5 Stars! “a neo-noir knockout…There’s plenty of cinematic pleasure to be had in Del Toro’s evocation of beloved old B-movies” (The Guardian)
4/4 Stars! “a superb literary adaptation.” (Deep Focus Review)

-Dune- 5 Stars! “The cast is astonishing…a film that brings forth brilliant visual beauty while also maintaining that sense of philosophical denseness that drives the novel.” (The Maine Edge)

Plus, the James Bond Mini-Fest concludes with Thunderball (an Academy Awards winner for Best Special Visual Effects)!
“highly enjoyable…the final payoff is rather brilliant.” (Den Of Geek)

And, the grand return of Saturday Night Sinema, our Free for Members / Members Only secret midnight movie presentation!

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