Friday January 13 – Thursday January 19!

-No Bears- 100% Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!
5 Stars! “a compelling, emotional and humane study” (Cinevue)
5 Stars! “Panahi is a titan of world cinema.” (Boulder Weekly)
“a funny, angry work of protest art…a masterpiece” (Rolling Stone)

-Tár- AFI Awards, USA: Movie of the Year award winner!
4/4 Stars! “Visually, intellectually and emotionally, Tár is epic-scale cinema.” (Williamette Week)
5 Stars! “Tár is a masterpiece, full stop.” (Boulder Weekly)

-The Menu- 4/4 Stars! “Deliciously wicked…is razor sharp with fierce bits of dialogue” (Reel Talk)
5 Stars! “is just as good as everyone’s saying…a grown-up cinematic adventure, it’s one big chef’s kiss all round!” (Film Authority)

-Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning- “an overlooked psychological masterpiece that deserves a rewatch.” (Nightmare On Film Street)
“The franchise’s most underrated film…I could praise Friday the 13th Part V all day long…tons of fun” (Horror Geek Life)

-Bullitt- 98% Certified Fresh! “Steve McQueen is cool as ice in this thrilling police procedural that also happens to contain arguably the greatest movie car chase ever.” (Rotten Tomatoes)
4/4 Stars! “McQueen is great…the movie is great…includes a brilliant chase scene.” (Roger Ebert)

-Saturday Night Sinema- We’re back with a dose of dangerous, disreputable, not-in-distribution, secret cinema. What are we screening? We can’t tell, but we guarantee you won’t be disappointed! A free for members / members only midnight movie presentation!

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