Friday January 20 – Thursday January 26!

-Broker- Cannes: Jury Prize, Best Actor award winner!
5 Stars! “The entire cast is phenomenal. They have such great chemistry with one another…Broker proves itself to be absolutely exceptional.” (One Room With A View)

-You People- Ottawa Premiere!
Starring Academy Award nominees Eddie Murphy, and Jonah Hill, Emmy Award winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Emmy Award nominee David Duchovny!

-Bones And All- Venice Film Fest: Best Director, Young Actress award winner, Best Film nominee!
5 Stars! “an elegant lovers-on-the-run road movie” (The Observer)
5 Stars! “a triumph of deeply emotional filmmaking” (Dread Central)

-Get Carter- 5 Stars! “Michael Caine delivers…a macabre masterpiece…A stone-cold, liquid-nitrogen classic.” (The Guardian)
5 Stars! “Possibly Caine’s finest hour in one of the grittiest, most suspense-filled crime dramas of all time.” (Empire)

-The Room- The 154th time on our screen!
“there’s no denying the pleasure one receives from the viewing experience…a film as authentic and dreadful as The Room must be celebrated.” (Deep Focus Review)

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