Friday January 27 – Thursday February 2!

New York Cat Film Fest – An exploration through film of the fascinating felines who share our lives, creating a shared audience experience that inspires, educates and entertains. A portion of every ticket donated to Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue!

New York Dog Film Fest – Celebrating the bond between dogs and people, as seen through the work of brilliant filmmakers. Also, raising awareness for work being done at small rescues and large shelters. A portion of every ticket donated to Ottawa Dog Rescue!

Empire Of Light – 4/4 Stars! “exceptional…Colman is set for an Oscar nomination, the whole film is awards worthy.” (Showbiz 411)
“poignant, wonderfully acted drama about love, life and films…wonderfully shot…a sweet, heartfelt, humane movie” (The Guardian)

Aftersun – Returning for a 3rd Week!
5 Stars! “It is beautifully performed, and captured with heart and ingenuity…Breakout filmmaking simply doesn’t come more exciting than this…A triumph of new British filmmaking.” (Empire)

Enter The Drag Dragon – Ottawa Premiere of the world’s first drag-fu action comedy! This blast of true of independent cinema will leave you wobbly in your heels as you try to recover from the non-stop thrill ride of adventure, laughs, screams, and romance.

Saturday Night Sinema – A dose of dangerous, disreputable, not-in-distribution, secret cinema. What are we screening? We can’t tell you, but we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! A free for members / members only midnight movie presentation!

Skinamarink – Rating: A+! “a Horror Masterpiece…the type of experience that must be seen in theaters as a demonstration of the full potential of the cinematic form…will be remembered as an unparalleled achievement in horror cinema” (Collider)

Groundhog Day – 30th Anniversary!
BAFTA Awards: Best Original Screenplay award winner!
5 Stars! “extraordinary…remarkable…comic prefection” (Total Film)
4/4 Stars! “A hilarious, brilliantly executed fable…the best film of the 1990s” (

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