Friday July 11th – Thursday July 17th!

Not one or two, but three Ottawa Premieres this Friday night…which is followed up by a fourth premiere on Saturday afternoon! I’m pretty sure that that’s the first time such an event has happened in the Mayfair’s long history!

We’ve got: The Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself, the anti-rom-com They Came Together, drive-in horror homage in Wolfcop, and brilliant animation in The Wind Rises.

Plus, a special presentation of Visitors, and the Canadian Premiere of A Film About Coffee. If that weren’t enough entertainment for you, we’re also hosting the 58th straight month of The Room, maybe the best worst movie ever made!

Lots of good stuff! You’ll be seeing thrice over the next week! Catching ‘Tracks’ tomorrow, and I’ll be back for ‘Wolf Cop’ and ‘The Wind Rises’ on the weekend. Good job, guys!

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