Friday July 21 – Thursday July 27!

-Past Lives- Held Over for a 2nd Week!
5 Stars! “Past Lives isn’t just a great film. It may be a perfect one…Emotionally engaging from the start, bolstered by brilliant performances…I absolutely loved it.” (Arizona Republic)

-Asteroid City- 4/4 Stars! “I didn’t want Asteroid City to end…The movie is witty, well-acted, and endlessly pleasurable to look at.” (The Aisle Seat)
4/4 Stars! “This is audacious filmmaking” (San Francisco Chronicle)

-Master Gardener- NYT Critics’ Pick! “mesmerizing” (NY Times)
5 Stars! “a masterclass” (The Irish Times)
4/4 Stars! “All the performances here are remarkable.” (

-The Rocky Horror Picture Show- Hosted by The Absent Friends Shadow Cast! “a triumph of clever filmmaking” (Mountain XPress)
“so entertaining and daring…the rock musical you have to see at least once in your life” (Cinema Crazed)

-Alligator- Creature Feature Film Festival!
“Alligator is like the perfect B-grade horror movie. It’s wildly entertaining…I really have nothing bad to say about this movie. It’s the best Jaws ripoff out there” (Medium)

-The Amazing Compulsion- World Premiere! Compulsion, a determined superhero whose power is to help people, must aid young Ernie in retrieving his wig from a maniacal hair-puller. Come be part of fun and see the superhero cinema event of the summer. Tickets: $15.00.

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