Friday July 22 – Thursday July 28!

-Murina- Cannes Film Festival: Golden Camera award winner!
Sofia International Film Festival: Grand Prix award winner!
5 Stars! “outstanding debut feature…and newcomer Filipovic is outstanding as Julija” (The Irish Independent)

-Both Sides Of The Blade- Berlin International Film Festival: Best Director award winner, Best Film nominee!
4/4 Stars! “Binoche’s work, and the intricate melodrama itself, are two of cinema’s greatest achievements this year.” (The Establishing Shot)

-Creepshow- 40th Anniversary!
5 Stars! “Well before comic book movies became a pop culture craze that has dominated the box office, George Romero was capturing that feel on film in service to a glorious homage to horror’s comic book roots.” (Fanboy Nation)

-Tetsuo: The Iron Man- Fantafestival: Best Film award winner!
“an essential watch. It remains a cult film that keeps kicking and screaming down the years, with a fan base that includes Quentin Tarantino…echoes some of the best Japanese animation of the time” (British Film Institute)

-3:10 To Yuma- Faro Island Film Festival: Best Feature Film award winner!
National Film Preservation Board, USA: Added to the National Film Registry in 2012!
5 Stars! “This gripping and suspenseful film is one of the finest westerns ever made…exceptionally well crafted” (Radio Times)

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