Friday June 15th – Thursday June 21st!

New movies this week: On Chesil Beach, starring Oscar nominees Saoirse Ronan, and Emily Watson!
Disobedience, from the director of A Fantastic Woman, Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film, starring Oscar winner Rachel Weisz, and nominee Rachel McAdams!

An Ottawa Classic Premiere – 45th Anniversary screenings of Ganja & Hess!

Ottawa Premiere of the locally produced documentary The Fruit Machine!

Scorsese / De Niro Film Fest – Oscar nominee for Best Actor (Robert De Niro), and Supporting Actress (Juliette Lewis), Cape Fear!

Old School 3D 35mm Film Fest: Friday The 13th Part III, Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror, Dynasty, Starchaser: The Legend Of Orin, + Friday / Saturday Night Secret Sinema!

*Custom 3-D glasses will be provided for each of the Old School 3D 35mm Fest screenings. Please note that they must be returned after the show. Regular 3-D glasses will not be compatible with these presentations.

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