Friday June 17 – Thursday June 23!

-Benediction- 4/4 Stars! “Beautifully designed & photographed, sensitively written & directed by England’s acclaimed Terence Davies, & impeccably acted by a distinguished cast that turns life into art, Benediction is one gorgeous motion picture” (Observer)

-Everything Everywhere All At Once- 5 Stars! “it’s a wildly fun and poignant ride from start to finish…and is a perfect example as to why this is Michelle Yeoh’s world and we’re just simply living in it.” (The Mary Sue)

-Mad God- Canadian Premiere! Fantasia: Most Groundbreaking Film, Best Animated Feature award winner! 5 Stars! “absolutely astonishing…it’s difficult to think of a better example of stop-motion animation…an incredible work of art.” (Warped Perspective)

-Crimes Of The Future- Cannes: Palme d’Or nominee! 4/4 Stars! “It’s another subtle but brilliantly crafted performance by Mortensen for Cronenberg…fascinating and inspired” (Deep Focus Review)
“visually fascinating…impeccably crafted” (Rue Morgue)

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