Friday June 30 – Thursday July 6!

-Bones Of Crows- Cinefest Sudbury: Best Feature Film award winner!
4/4 Stars! “Excellent film, restrained, dignified, instructive, beautiful to look at and bolstered by solid performances across the board” (What She Said)

-You Hurt My Feelings- 4/4 Stars! “Julia Louis-Dreyfus is pitch perfect and hilariously relatable” (Observer)
4/4 Stars! “laugh-out-loud-funny…one of the year’s best films.” (The Boston Globe)

-La Haine- Cannes Film Fest: Best Director award winner!
5 Stars! “as ferocious a punch in the stomach as it was twenty-five years ago, and retains every spark of an explosive deconstruction of France’s treatment of minorities and widening social inequality.” (Cinevue)

-The Passenger- 100% Top Critics Certified Fresh! “Antonioni’s classic, a tale of lonely, estranged characters on a journey though the mysterious landscapes of identity, shimmers with beauty and uncertainty.” (Rotten Tomatoes)

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