Friday June 9 – Thursday June 15!

-Showing Up- 4/4 Stars! “one of the most original and inspired American filmmakers of the present day” (San Francisco Chronicle)
10/10! “A sneaky, funny little masterpiece, beautifully measured…slyly wicked” (New City)

-L’immensità- Venice Film Festival: Best Film, Queer Lion nominee!
“a grand and vibrant work of art” (The Wrap)
“if you crave something different, tender and unforgettable, I highly encourage you to see L’immensità.” (Observer)

-The Cat O Nine Tails- “involving reminder of why Argento has long been recognized as one of the masters” (The Independent Critic)
“truly a great piece of cinema that will have one at the edge of their seat…great filmmaking from start to finish.” (The Movie Aisle)

-The Road Warrior- 4/4 Stars! “a cult classic” (Sci-Fi Movie Page)
95% All Critics / 100% Top Critics Certified Fresh! (Rotten Tomatoes)
5 Stars! “one of cinema’s best action films…a classic turbo-charge tale” (Film Authority)

-Saturday Night Sinema- Dig it! We’re back with another dose of dangerous, disreputable, not-in-distribution, secret cinema. What are we screening? We can’t tell you, but we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our selection!

-Supernova- Northern Lights Refuge is proud to present a special one-night-only screening of the award winning movie Supernova to help raise funds to support LGBTQ+ refugees. Tickets: $15.00.
4/4 Stars! “Tucci and Firth have never been better” (Washington Post)

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