Friday March 3 – Thursday March 9!

-Living- 3rd Week! Academy Awards: Lead Actor (Bill Nighy), Adapted Screenplay nominee!
5 Stars! “carefully-considered, gently-paced classical filmmaking…For Bill Nighy, meanwhile, it feels in every sense like the role of a lifetime.” (Empire)

-To Leslie- Ottawa Premiere!
Academy Awards: Lead Actress (Andrea Riseborough) nominee!
Rating: A+! “Riseborough’s impeccable performance cannot be overstated” (Collider)

-The Fabelmans- 2nd Week! Academy Awards: Motion Picture, Directing, Original Screenplay, Original Score, Lead Actress (Michelle Williams), Supporting Actor (Judd Hirsch), Production Design nominee!
TIFF: People’s Choice Award winner!

-The Outwaters- Ottawa Premiere!
“a game-changing horror flick…a complete shattering of cinematic reality made to feel 100% real. It’s nearly indescribable, and it has the potential to scare viewers down to their very core.” (Scully Vision)

-Frankenhooker- “hilarious, totally outrageous grin-and-gore comedy” (Los Angeles Times)
“an immensely charming little oddity…the sort of film that you can watch repeatedly” (Eye For Film)

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