Friday March 31 – Thursday April 6!

-Living- 6th Week! 5 Stars! “carefully-considered, gently-paced classical filmmaking recalls the modernism of David Lean…For Bill Nighy, meanwhile, it feels in every sense like the role of a lifetime.” (Empire)

-The Lost King- Boulder International Film Festival: Best Feature Film award winner!
“A magnificent performance by Sally Hawkins” (The Film Yap)
“compelling and endearing” (Observer)

-Aftersun- 4th Week! 5 Stars! “It is beautifully performed, and captured with heart and ingenuity…Breakout filmmaking simply doesn’t come more exciting than this…A triumph of new British filmmaking.” (Empire)

-The Big Lebowski- 25th Anniversary! 5 Stars! “Magnificent” (Total Film)
5 Stars! “Not only is this classic Coen Brothers, it’s exemplary Jeff Bridges.” (BBC)
5 Stars! “the Coen brothers’ comic masterpiece” (The Guardian)

-Smoking Causes Coughing- Ottawa Premiere! “A guaranteed good time” (Fantastic Fest)
“wildly entertaining” (Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival)
“you are in for a treat.” (Calgary International Film Festival)

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