Friday May 12 – Thursday May 18!

-Mafia Mamma- “a funny twist on the mob movie that keeps you laughing throughout…such a fun movie to watch” (The Mary Sue)
“a consistently compelling comedic experience bolstered by one of the industry’s best talents.” (Battle Royale With Cheese)

-Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie- Ottawa Premiere! “uplifting, entertaining and truly cinematic…nothing short of brilliant.” (Slash Film)
“frank, funny, and moving…my favorite movie at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.” (Awards Radar)

-Cocaine Bear- “I had a blast…it’s so much fun” (Cinema Crazed)
“wildly entertaining and darkly hilarious…This is a genuinely well-crafted horror gem with a winning cast” (Chicago Sun-Times)
“a laugh-out-loud-funny rollicking good time” (The Canberra Times)

-The Evil Dead- 5 Stars! “One of the scariest horror films ever made.” (Sunday Times Australia)
Grade A+! “One of the shining lights of the horror genre.” (Mania)
“It’s an instant classic” (Los Angeles Times)

-Dosed: The Trip Of A Lifetime- Laurie, a terminally ill cancer patient and loving mother of four, is granted the right to legally use magic mushrooms to treat her end of life anxiety. She then embarks on a remarkable journey of personal transformation and healing while exploring lesser known possible cures for cancer, like cannabis oil.

-Saturday Night Sinema- Dig it! We’re back with another dose of dangerous, disreputable, not-in-distribution, secret cinema. What are we screening? We can’t tell you, but we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our selection! A free for members / members only secret late late movie presentation!

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