Friday May 13 – Thursday May 19!

Run Woman Run – ImagineNative Film + Media Arts Festival: Audience Choice Award, The Moon Jury Award winner!
“a feel-good anti-rom-com…a powerful lead performance…as well as stand-out casting all around” (Calgary International Film Festival)

Stanleyville – Ottawa Premiere!
“McCabe-Lokos is THE Canadian filmmaker to watch very closely…unrivaled compositional flair, jaw-dropping cinematography, deeply fun and witty dialogue, and quirky characters galore…will keep you in suspense until the end.” Fantasia International Film Festival

Vortex – Ottawa Premiere!
5 Stars! “This is not just a whiplashing change of pace for the tearaway France-based director, who customarily crash-lands on Cannes…In terms of scope, ambition and execution, it’s one of the finest pictures he’s made.” (The Guardian)

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter – “undoubtedly the most ambitious entry…the screenplay for this installment is exciting, and the characters within it are likable and memorable…the cast here is excellent…perfects everything about this franchise and what it has to offer.” (Comicon)

Operation Mincemeat – “an intriguing espionage thriller…a richly engaging World War II spy drama…Based on fascinatingly improbable real-life events…an altogether rewarding experience even for those viewers who traditionally eschew wartime dramas.” (AV Club)

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