Friday November 11 – Thursday November 17!

-The Return Of Tanya Tucker: Featuring Brandi Carlile- Ottawa Premiere! SXSW Film Festival: Audience Award winner!
“richly creative, utterly captivating” (Montclair Film Festival)

-Don’t Worry Darling- 5 Stars! “Wistfully wonderful, Wilde’s psychological thriller is mid-century marvelous…enthralling. Alice is a phenomenal character” (Common Sense Media)

-Lawrence Of Arabia- 60th Anniversary! 5 Stars! “a visually and aurally magnificent work, built around a terrific performance from Peter O’Toole…the chance to see this on the big screen should not be missed.” (Empire)

-Terrifier 2- 5 Stars! “does what most sequels fail to achieve – it improves on the original film in budgetary, narratively and emotional ways that provides a far sharper horror experience” (In Their Own League)

-Masking Threshold- Ottawa Premiere! IndieFEST Film Awards: Feature Film, Cinematography award winner! “one of the best horror films of the year…Grenzfurthner’s grim, artsy horror film is unforgettable.” (Film Inquiry)

-The Room- 130th Month! “A bona fide classic of midnight cinema” (Rotten Tomatoes)

Plus, a pair of rental screenings, each featuring special guests and a Q&A:

-Mama Irene: Healer Of The Andes
-The Ace And The Scout

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