Friday November 19th – Thursday November 25th!

Friday November 19th – Thursday November 25th!

-The Last Duel- 5 Stars! “With a remarkably topical script, a trio of terrific performances and Scott’s top-of-his-game direction, it’s one of the best films of the year…Brilliantly acted and cleverly written…a truly spectacular movie. Don’t miss it.” (Hero Collector)

-Bruised- Ottawa Premiere! “With this assured debut feature, Academy Award winner Berry crafts a textured portrait…Through her explosive performance, the character Jackie simultaneously radiates tightly coiled rage and heart-rending vulnerability” (TIFF)

-The Feast- Ottawa Premiere! Bucheon Int Fantastic Film Fest: Best Director award winner! “A remarkable feature debut…represents the best that the renaissance of folk horror in cinema has to offer.” (Fantasia Film Fest) “a riviting cast…a captivating story” (IGN)

-High Plains Drifter- 5 Stars! “A great, gothic western…seems to be where everything about the genre changed” (eFilmCritic) “Clint Eastwood’s mysterious, overlooked masterpiece…High Plains Drifter is daring, weird and wonderful.” (Esquire)

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