Friday November 5th – Thursday November 11th!

-The Card Counter- Venice Film Festival: Best Film nominee! 5 Stars! “It’s an exceptional piece of filmmaking, with a powerful central performance…It’s not hyperbole to say that Paul Schrader might just have delivered the film of the year.” (Movies In Focus)

-Passing- Ottawa Premiere! Sundance Film Festival: Grand Jury Prize nominee! 5 Stars! “exhilarating directorial debut…played, brilliantly…It’s a marvellously suggestive piece.” (The Telegraph) 4/4 Stars! “one helluva feature directing debut” (The Mercury News)

-Harold & Maude- 50th Anniversary! 5 Stars! “By turns funny, moving & outrageous – sometimes all at once…Hal Ashby’s masterpiece…If you’ve never seen Harold & Maude, that needs correcting. If you have, return visits are never disappointing.” (Mountain XPress)

-Play Misty For Me- 50th Anniversary of Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood’s directorial debut! 4/4 Stars! “in the business of collecting an audience into the palm of its hand and then squeezing hard, it is supreme.” (Roger Ebert)

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