Friday October 1st – Thursday October 7th!

-Falling For Figaro- Ottawa Premiere! “This delightful movie has all the ingredients needed to make a delicious romantic comedy. Falling for Figaro is uplifting and joyful, tugging on the heart strings just enough” (Common Sense Media)

-Flag Day- Cannes Film Festival: Palme d’Or nominee! “Penn does great work…Flag Day earns its emotional beats, and the performances will stay with you for a long time.” (National Post)

-The Blues Brothers- National Film Preservation Board: Entered into the National Film Registry in 2020! 5 Stars! “a comedy classic with some of the finest car chase scenes in the history of movies” (The Telegraph)

-The Evil Dead- 40th Anniversary! Halloween Month! 5 Stars! “One of the scariest horror films ever made.” (Sunday Times Australia) 95% All Critics/100% Top Critics Certified Fresh! (Rotten Tomatoes)

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