Friday October 28 – Thursday November 3!

-See How They Run- 5 Stars! “funny as hell…It’s almost impossible to pick a stand out in this cast of greats, and there isn’t a weak link nor moment…a perfect whodunnit” (Digital Spy)

-Ténor- From Emmy nominated screenwriter Raphaël Benoliel, starring 2x César Awards nominee Michèle Laroque!
“tells the uplifting journey of a talented young underdog” (Variety)

-When Love Hurts- Saddled with memories of childhood trauma, Julie attempts to cope and seek help through counseling. She finds love, but will she be able to overcome her trauma and build a happy home?

-iF3 Sessions: Ottawa 2022- 7:00 – iF3 Snowboard Sessions presented by Burton.
Movie Premieres: The People (Cedar Dreams), Maria Thomsen (Hot Coco), Craig McMorris Inc (Fixin), Homestead Creative (Fleeting Time)
9:30 – iF3 Ski Sessions presented by Rossignol.
Movie Premieres: The Bunch (Many Fantasies Later), Teton Gravity Research (Magic Hour)

Halloween Month!

-Pearl- 10/10! “This isn’t just a great horror movie or one of the best films of the year…it is a modern-day classic begging to be studied, analyzed, dissected, and discussed for hundreds of years to come.” (Film Threat)

-The Rocky Horror Picture Show- “if you’ve never been to a midnight screening of Rocky Horror, please go. It’s a delight.” (IGN)
“it’s a triumph of clever filmmaking” (Mountain XPress)

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