Friday October 28th – Thursday November 3rd!

Mean Dreams – Ottawa Premiere! Held Over for a 2nd Week! Follows two teens desperate to escape their broken & abusive homes & examines the desperation of life on the run & the beauty of first love. From TIFF award winning filmmaker Nathan Morlando

Denial – A professor includes a WWII historian in a book about Holocaust deniers, who then accuses her of libel & sparks a legal battle. With burden of proof placed on the accused, her legal team fights to prove the essential truth that the Holocaust occurred.

The Violin Teacher – Ottawa Premiere! A talented violinist fails to be admitted into a prestigious Orchestra, & is forced to take a job in a troubled public school. The transforming power of music & the friendship arises between teacher and students.

Girl Asleep – Ottawa Premiere! The world is closing in on Greta Driscoll. On the cusp of turning fifteen she can’t bear to leave her childhood, it contains all the things that give her comfort in this incomprehensible new world.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Halloween Edition! The Absent Friends Shadow Cast lend their grand talents to hosting the undisputed greatest cult film sensation in motion picture history!
Advance tickets on sale now! $10 members / $15 non-members

Drean, Girl – A documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring & ambitious female entrepreneurs. Let’s stop telling girls they can be anything they want to be and show them what it means to be a leader. Filmmakers in attendance!

Inside Peace – A documentary on several hardened offenders doing time at Dominguez State Jail. A rare look, not only inside the correctional facility, but inside the hearts & minds of the prisoners. Free Screening!

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