Friday October 2nd – Thursday October 8th!

Ottawa Premiere of Mission To Lars – One Night Only!
“a beautiful sibling road trip tale with a heavy-metal flourish” – NY Times
4 Stars! “enlightening…You’ll cry a bit come the tense, touching climax – then punch the air with joy” – Total Film

Ottawa Premiere of Partisan –
From Cannes & Sundance award winning director Ariel Kleiman.
Sundance Grand Jury nominee & Cinematography award winner!

A Walk In The Woods –
Starring 3 time Oscar nominee Nick Nolte, Oscar winners Robert Redford, Emma Thompson & Mary Steenburgen, plus Nick Offerman & Kristen Schaal. Great cast!

Trainwreck – From Judd Apatow, the director / producer of Knocked Up & Bridesmaids, & featuring a break-out script / performance from Amy Schumer! And featuring the future star of Space Jam 2, LeBron James!

Shaun The Sheep – Family matinee screening of the new claymation classic from the creative masterminds behind Wallace & Gromit!

This Changes Everything – Special screening of the new documentary with director Avi Lewis & author Naomi Klein in attendance!
Regular engagement begins on Friday October 9th!

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