Friday October 8th – Thursday October 14th!

-El Planeta- Ottawa Premiere! Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema: Best Director, and FEISAL Award winner! “very funny, and a stellar debut for Ulman.” (Vox) “the announcement of a major comedic talent” (The Playlist)

-Fever Dream- Ottawa Premiere! “a brilliant piece of work” (Cineurop) “a disturbing and evocative tale” (First Showing) “a cold shiver of a film” (IndieWire) “a dark and potent fable…a chilling and thought provoking project” (Screen Daily)

-Eraserhead- Halloween Month! 5 Stars! “It’s beautiful and strange…Don’t miss it.” (The Guardian) 5 Stars! “a singular work of the imagination, a harrowing, heartbreaking plunge into the darkest recesses of the soul.” (Time Out)

-Evil Dead 2- Halloween Month! 5 Stars! ““it’s just well and truly special, a real once in a lifetime sort of movie…It is the best horror-comedy ever made” (Alternate Ending) 5 Stars! “it’s remarkable…an enduring cult classic” (eFilmCritic)

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