Friday Sept 17th – Thursday September 23rd!

Mogul Mowgli – Provincetown Int Film Fest: Best Narrative Film award winner! Online Film Critics Society Awards: Best non-US Release award winner! 5 Stars! “absolutely mesmerizing…[Ahmed’s] performance is thrilling” (Flick Filosopher)

Best Sellers – Ottawa Premiere! Starring 2x Oscar winner Michael Caine, & Independent Spirit Awards winner Aubrey Plaza! The feature directorial debut from 2x Rhode Island Int Film Fest, award winner Lina Roessler!

Prisoners Of The Ghostland – Ottawa Premiere! “The best part is that Prisoners Of The Ghostland is so much the movie you want it to be, as wild, original, visually delicious and just plain nuts as this collaboration suggests” Fantasia International Film Festival

Monty Python & The Holy Grail – 5 Stars! “is one of the most original, hilarious and visually striking comedies ever made…it is stupidly, ingeniously funny.” (Time Out) 5 Stars! “Monty Python & The Holy Grail is nothing short of a masterpiece.” (eFilmCritic)

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