Friday September 1 – Thursday September 7!

-Passages- 4/4 Stars! “sensational performances…brave, captivating & exemplary…a superior film of sensitivity & intelligence with a lot to say…My advice is seek it out wherever you can find it” (Observer)

-Asteroid City- 4th Week! Cannes: Palme D’Or nominee!
4/4 Stars! “I didn’t want Asteroid City to end…The movie is witty, well-acted, & endlessly pleasurable to look at.” (The Aisle Seat)

-Moon Garden- Ottawa Premiere! Boston Underground Film Festival: Audience Award / Best Feature award winner!
5 Stars! “an unforgettable experience.” (The Hollywood New)

-Rio Bravo- 4/4 Stars! “a western classic…a masterpiece…a master craftsman at work. The film is seamless. There is not a shot that is wrong. It is uncommonly absorbing” (Roger Ebert)

-The Goonies- 4/4 Stars! “persists as one of the great fables of young adult cinema…thoroughly rewarding” (Cinemaphile)
5 Stars! “the staying power & classic charm of this timeless treasure is undeniable.” (Cinema Scholars)

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