Friday September 10th – Thursday September 16th!

-Mrs Lowry & Son- Ottawa Premiere! “a quality drama…an ideal example of how keeping it simple can be so rewarding to both the filmmakers and the audience.” (Hey U Guys)

-Old- 5 Stars! “an enthrallingly bizarre piece of old-fashioned entertainment” (The Guardian) “you can’t take your eyes off the screen” (Gizmodo)

-The Green Knight- Held Over for a 3rd Week! 5 Stars “a sumptuous visual feast, an aesthetic wonder; it’s truly beautiful to look at…a fantastic & strange tale…a wildly compelling film” (The Maine Edge)

-And Now For Something Completely Different- 50th Anniversary! 5 Stars! “If, for some reason, you have never even been exposed to any of Monty Python’s humor, this movie is a wonderful introduction” (eFilmCritic)

-All The Streets Are Silent- Ottawa Premiere! 10/10! “the mixing of music, skateboarding, interviews, and footage of the past is amazing…You’ll be engaged from beginning to end.” (Film Threat)

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