Friday September 30 – Thursday October 6!

-Dear Audrey- Ottawa Premiere! Director in attendance on October 2! 4/4 Stars! “a film for which the word “poignant” was practically made…I expect this film to be wildly embraced by festival audiences.” (The Independent Critic)

-Hold Me Tight- 3.5/4 Stars! “It’s a powerful piece of work with poetic direction and incredible work from Krieps…Amalric just has an incredible eye as a director…one of the best films of the year.” (

-The Great Dictator- Charlie Chaplin Film Fest! 4/4 Stars! “In the classic Chaplin tradition, the movie has a richness of gags and comic pantomime…It is a funny film, which we expect from Chaplin, and a brave one.” (Roger Ebert)

-Saturday Night Sinema- It’s another dose of dangerous, not-in-distribution, secret late late cinema. What movie are we screening? We can’t tell you, but we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our selection. Free for Members / Members Only!

And, Halloween Month begins!

-Jack-O- Ottawa Premiere! “Jack-O has everything you’re looking for in a cheap B-horror…It’s such a fun watch, I’ll be adding this to my permanent library to watch every October from now on.” (All Horror)

-F*** The Devil + F*** The Devil 2 – Ottawa Premiere! The story of a phantasmagorical death machine who materializes from haunted VHS tapes to wreak havoc. Fueled by subversive violence, experimental techniques, and an unconditional love for the horror genre.

-Bodies Bodies Bodies- 5 Stars! “Phenomenally written, perfectly cast, and expertly directed, director Halina Reijn’s murder mystery is crafted with such magnificence that she leaves Agatha Christie choking in her dust. Not since Scream has a horror comedy so successfully captured the zeitgeist.” (Common Sense Media)

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