Friday September 3rd – Thursday September 9th!

-Swan Song- Ottawa Premiere! Monte-Carlo Comedy Film Fest: Audience Award/Best Film, and Jury Prize/Best Actor (Udo Kier) award winner! 5 Stars! “an instant queer classic” (The Queer Review)

-The Witches Of The Orient- Ottawa Premiere! “captivating, stylishly edited and ultimately rousing” (NYC Movie Guru) “astonishing…visually striking” (Little White Lies) “the sheer badassery on display is nothing short of breathtaking” (Austin Chronicle)

-The Green Knight- Held Over for a 2nd Week! Grade: A+! “a stunning achievement. It is one of bold vision, remarkable cinematic skill, and confident artistry” (The MacGuffin)

-Drunken Master II- Ottawa Premiere of the original cut of the 1994 classic! (this is not The Legend of Drunken Master, the US recut, the only version released theatrically in North America until now).

-Carrie- Avoriaz Fantastic Film Fest: Grand Prize award winner for director Brian De Palma, Special Mention award winner for actress Sissy Spacek! National Society of Film Critics: Best Actress (Sissy Spacek) award winner!

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