Friday September 9 – Thursday September 15!

-Waiting For Bojangles- Movie Score: 10/10! “mesmerizing from start to finish…you’ll get swept away in the grandeur of these characters and their amazing tale.” (Film Threat)

-The Good Boss- Goya Awards: Best Film, Director, Lead Actor (Javier Bardem), Original Screenplay, Score, Editing award winner!
“an excellent cast.” (Original Cin)

-Saloum- Ottawa Premiere!
Fantastic Fest: Best Director Award winner!
“high-octane entertainment…dynamic filmmaking.” (Tilt Magazine)

-Goodfellas- 4/4 Stars! “shows America’s finest filmmaker at the peak of his form. No finer film has ever been made about organized crime” (Roger Ebert)

-The Kid- 100% Certified Fresh! “Charles Chaplin’ irascible Tramp is given able support from Jackie Coogan as The Kid in this slapstick masterpiece” (Rotten Tomatoes)

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